Goals for the Week

As a way to kick my butt into gear today, I thought I would pen a few quick goals for the week. I know it’s Tuesday, but these go through Sunday so I think that still counts.

  • Finish editing the 4th Draft
  • Work out three major plot points (that have been bugging me)
  • Quick reread of the 4th Draft
  • Make a blog posting schedule (I’ve got some ideas I want to get down)

Now that I have my goals out there, allow me to make a quick digression into what will prevent me from achieving them! I am off this week, which technically does sound like a good reason to achieve said goals. BUT, I have to spend about 2 hours a day roundtripping my son to and from summer camp. Said summer camp (although an awesome video game programming lab) does not last all day. Fun activity with my son tomorrow night, 4th of July dinner with the fam followed by fireworks Thur, workouts, a couple other nitnoiders, and the desire to sleep 8 hours a night.

Now that I’ve let myself off the hook, I need to average 80 pages a day to finish draft 4, which sounds pretty impossible given that I am also plugging some new scenes in. I expect to be behind schedule, but hope to use Friday night and Saturday to catch up. Translate that to a goal of finishing the 4th Draft some time Saturday and reading it Sunday. I probably should take a day off, but I’m not quite sure where to squeeze that in.

OK, now that I’ve got a couple of stakes in the ground, back to work.


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