I’m Back

Literally just back from Staples, but more on that later.

To catch you up I need to you fill you in on how I did with my last set of goals, what I’ve been up to, and where I stand with the book.

First to the goals! Going into the week (two weeks ago), I had three goals related to the novel. The only one that I hit that week was working out the three big problems. That took me until Friday and required the help of one of my readers over a beer. I can not understate the value of that help as it cleared the log jam and allowed me to get working rapidly again. Unfortunately, I was down to a weekend to work on the novel.

I did not finish the editing of Draft 4 that weekend. Saturday and Sunday I worked all day and evening, but came up about 120 pages short. That working all day and evening bit is also why I didn’t post a blog that weekend. I kept thinking, well I need to work in a proper entry when I have more time — Note-to-self, “I’m busy on my novel” can be a proper entry!

After that, I made minimal progress in my “free” time the following week. Then I went to a family reunion in Pittsburgh (why I didn’t post that weekend) and took my son to New York to be tourists and made about 10 pages worth of progress. But I was totally focused on the right priorities that week. I had a bunch of stuff to do this past weekend, but managed to knock out a chunk of work on Sunday and finished the 4th Draft Monday evening! — Woot Woot!!

I sent my 4th Draft to two readers. One who has read a previous version and one who has not (seemed like the right idea and they both read fast). I took yesterday off from the book. And tonight I start rereading it myself. In fact, in part because I read faster on paper (and I am unfortunately a dreadfully slow reader, hell of a handicap when you’re a writer) and because I just wanted to have the feel of it. I printed it out.

So I have just gotten back from Staples with my fresh copy and I’ve already wolfed down a quick dinner, so I am now going to sit down for an evening with a nice book. My nice book! 🙂

4th Draft.BC1

I hope you like the picture, but the title is just the latest of 47 different working titles, so try not to get too attached to it.


6 responses to “I’m Back

  1. Good luck on your goals! I am with you on the feel of a book thing. I can’t do a thorough edit without holding something in my hands.

  2. I’m at draft 4 stage with my novel. I have 4 readers painstakingly going through my manuscript…(nerve racking and brilliant all at the same time) …but so vital! They all have paper versions…its the only way to really feel a book and get involved with it.
    Good luck with yours

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