Quick Check In

OK, I spent all weekend reading the 4th Draft. I managed not to break out the blue pen and edit as I went, but I did start typing some notes somewhere around page 300. I’ve got a list of 19 changes to make before I send it to the editor on Friday. The good news is that the changes are all are pretty easy to make.

The bad news is that I wanted to have the whole weekend to work on the draft and I had a few things slow me down (silly adult responsibilities). So where I wanted to amp up the atmospherics in the novel before sending it to the editor, I think I’m out of time for that. The thing is that I still have time to do it, I’ll just have to do it after I get it back from the editor — not ideal, but that’s what I’ll need to do to hit my Nov 1st launch date.

Now I guess, I’ll end with the best parts. First, I decided to sit down and read it cover to cover to experience it as a book and see how it read. To my reading I have fixed the plot and structural issues. There is only one plot issue left, which interestingly has been in every draft and no one has caught it yet. So I feel like the book is pretty decent at this point. Second, one of my readers said of it, “The way the book flows now is good. It is now a “page turner”; meaning I didn’t want to put it down even though I knew what happens. That’s the best stories, you get sucked in can’t put it down.” If my goal is to write a decent story, I think I might be there.


2 responses to “Quick Check In

  1. A virtual high five to you! Well done mate. Sounds like you’re almost to the finish line.

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