Be Careful What You Write

People might actually read it.

Now some might think people reading what you write is a good thing, particularly for an obscure writer like myself. And for the most part it is. Except when you don’t fulfill your readers’ desire that you write. I guess that’s the catch 22 of being a writer — if you set people’s expectations that you are actually going to write, you better darn tootin’ follow through.

So a WHOLE WEEK AGO I made a post about the dreaded SAS (Superstar Author Syndrome). Then I go exactly seven days without making a post and I get a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot message, asking me if I have fallen victim to SAS.

I guess the truth is that I was already a victim of the dreaded SAS since I would occasionally post as if people were actually interested in my brand of corn flakes. And, to be fair, I have somewhat set the expectation that I would both be posting more often and finishing the fourth draft of my novel. Technically I’ve been silent on both.

As for the novel, tune in tomorrow!

As for the blogging, well this past week I’ve had a couple little family dramas that have soaked up some of my time in the evenings and some of my ability to fall asleep. So my evenings have gotten lost to “dealing” and my mornings to making up for some lost sleep. That said, I guess next time I can’t sleep I should blog instead of tossing and turning or reading. Hmm, I think I will actually try that next time.

Soooo, to my reader — thanks for keeping me honest and here’s an update for you.


3 responses to “Be Careful What You Write

  1. That last bit “I should blog instead of tossing and turning or reading”

    I think I might try that out myself just to see how effective it is.

    -Isaiah Jackson

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