So What Did I Do After Sending My Novel to My Editor?

Why I started working on the sequel again!

Technically, I’m two weeks behind schedule. But who’s counting (other than ME and the reader I promised to get the 1st draft to by Sept. 1)? You can check my progress here.

First of all, I must say that I did 1023 words today (800 this morning and 223 after work). That is a pretty solid day. It felt really good to knock out a chunk since I have been pretty consumed with BC1 (the first book in the series) and haven’t thought much about this book since May.

I actually thought that the first day might be hard, since it has been a full three months since I’ve worked on it. But the reality was I just looked at my outline, went right to the spot that I left off, and started writing. The only particularly difficult part was getting the header and section breaks to work like they do in the MS for BC1. Since I fixed BC1 months ago, it irritated me that it took me a few minutes to remember how to do it in BC2.

The second thing I want to note was that getting right to work felt like the absolute right choice. There have been times in the process where I have celebrated my success. There have been times where I have chosen to take a break and others where a break has chosen me. But last night after I sent it off, I knew that the best thing I could do next would be to get up this morning and get right back to work on the next book. That’s what I did and I feel great about putting out 1000 words today.

If I can keep this pace for the remainder of the month, I should be able to complete (depending on how long it ends up being) book 2 around Sept. 1st. But even if I miss that mark, it certainly seems feasible that I can get it done before the edited book 1 finds its way back to me.


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