Free Stuff

And e-mail lists.

As I’ve been sitting around trying to entertain myself whilst my novel (BC1) is with my editor, I’ve been reading about book marketing. There are quite a few posts out there that suggest giving stuff away and building an e-mail list. Of the ones that I’ve read, Joanna Penn’s post is probably the most straightforward.

The whole giving stuff away bit puzzled me for a while, until I read her suggestion to give away a chapter. Ah yes, a free chapter. Why not? I’m a writer, I write, my writing, or a used coffee mug are about the only things I have to give away. And I seriously need the coffee mug, sooo, the writing it is.

I must admit that I have a little bit of a fear factor here. There are really two fears. The first is the expected “putting my work out there,” which of course leaves ample room for rejection, falling flat on my face, and other nasty bits. Even though I have had people reading my work and I’ve read in groups, there is a wholesale difference in moving from a limited group of people who you know to posting a whole chapter on the internet. It’s kind of like moving from the kiddie coaster at the amusement park to the OMG Look At THAT vertical drop coaster. The second fear is the whole giving stuff away bit. I have seen a lot of writers struggle, myself included, with the “I can’t let people see it because . . . ” syndrome. There are many answers to why people can’t see your work, but the root of most of them are generally fear-based and frankly counterproductive since the idea is to get read.

Before you hit the link to download, a few bits to keep in mind:

  1. This is still the unedited version. I write that more to inform you that it may change rather than to excuse errors or poor writing (it’s not perfect, I’m OK with that).
  2. The title is still merely a working title, so don’t fall in love with it, but feel free to comment on it.
  3. Since every give away has a catch, so does mine — you have to opt in to my e-mail list.

OK, so now that I’ve said my piece and managed to wade through the minor technical challenges of setting this up. I shall reward your willingness to read this entire post all the way to the end with a FREE first chapter of my novel. There is a version for Kindle (mobi), Nook (epub), and a pdf.

After you read the chapter, tell me what you think, good, bad, or indifferent. You can comment on this post or e-mail me at


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