And the 1st Dilemma from My Editor

Is whether or not to read the editing.

To be clear, it’s not whether or not to read the editing ever. Of course I will. No computers tossed against the wall here. The issue is when.

I’ve been having a nice e-mail chat with my editor on a couple of topics and one of them resulted in him sending me the first 100 pages and an initial rough of his critique. I glanced at the beginning of the editing (wow he’s doing a lot more than I anticipated, but that’s good, right? Thorough?) and, well I couldn’t resist, I broke down and read the whole 14 page critique instead of writing this morning. Ooops.

But this is the nut of my (first) dilemma: Do I dig in now?

You see I’m supposed to be finishing up book 2 while he’s working on the editing so that it can be all knocked out by the time I get the edits back. Strangely enough, I’ve got just enough time to finish the 17,000 or so words I have left. The first problem with that is that I am having trouble resisting looking at the edits. The second problem is that I am now suddenly stressed by my Nov. 1 deadline and I am being gripped with a sudden panic that the six weeks after I get my novel back might not be enough to make the deadline!

The funny thing is that I want to get all scientific with it — time myself on incorporating the edits and then do a bunch of math to see how long the whole book will take. That’s probably not a bad idea actually. But I don’t think that it will really tell me what I want to know because if anything my experience to this point has shown me that there is a wide variability in how long different parts of the process take.

As an aside, in case you are wondering, I am totally working this problem out as I type about it.

My resistance to plunging in is born of a simple desire to stay focused and on task. But as I write this I find myself thinking of my goals. My first and primary goal is to complete BC1 so that I can launch it Nov. 1st of this year. Writing BC2 doesn’t support that goal. The main reason that I was going to work on the sequel now was so that I could keep working while my editor was banging away (as opposed to slipping into slug-like non-working habits). So the fact that I’ve already got the first 100 pages to work on has me thinking that I should jump on them now — the more time I put into it now, the more likely I can hit the Nov. 1 goal. If I finish the 100 pages before I get the rest back, then I can always work on BC2. If I don’t, well then I’m not making the Nov. 1 goal anyway.

I’m going to sleep on this, but right now I’m leaning toward getting back to BC1.

As for the second dilemma, well you’ll have to tune in tomorrow for that (as most likely I’ll be working right on it).


One response to “And the 1st Dilemma from My Editor

  1. I’d wait until you get the complete feedback from the editor. Things could change once he reads the entire book.

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