Progress Toward Goals – August

Here is how I did in August with my 3rd quarter of 2013 goals:

  1. Create a Monthly Schedule of Posts and Follow It.  Goose egg, again. I got some of my ideas out, but I am definitely still in the “have a lot of ideas” phase.
  2. Increase Average Daily Blog Views to 29. For August I averaged 13 views a day, so a big improvement over July. Mostly, I suffered from not posting enough, again. When I did post I got really good traffic. In fact, I had 4 days over 30 views (3 of those were actually 38+). I just need to post more.
  3. Finish the FINAL Draft of BC1.  Reading this now, I’m not sure if I meant the final draft for the editor or the final version for publication. Probably the latter since when I wrote this I expected my editor to start Aug. 1 and be done 3 weeks later. Instead, he started 3 weeks later and will be done maybe by the end of this week.  Anyway, I had my draft ready on time, so I think that counts. I have actually updated the progress page, which you can find here.
  4. Finish the 1st Draft of BC2.  Minimal progress, but it’s mostly on hold until I finish BC1. You can follow my progress here.
  5. Rehab.  I’m actually doing my stretches and exercises and I’ve finally got 1-2 Physical Therapy appointments per week.

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