An About Face

It’s really just about math. And a trip to the pool.

As I have “toiled” with the first two dilemmas (one & two) from my editor, he has started moving more slowly than expected on BC1. I’m disappointed, but not surprised. There are parts of the book that have been in there for 4-5 drafts. These tend to be the more polished parts, since they’ve been gone over more times. Then there are other parts that have been in 1-2 drafts and they’re, well, err, less polished. Also, as I’ve noted drafts 3 & 4 had some pretty substantial changes to the plot which caused a lot of ripple and, as my editor has discovered, some story discrepancies. Discrepancies are bad in any story, but I think particularly in a SciFi Detective story.

As a humorous aside, one wonders if maybe that’s why there aren’t more SciFi Detective stories?

At any rate, I’m swimming, you know, getting back to the old workout routine (minus the running, pending more PT) — Yay me! And much like a shower, I find a swim or a run a good time to just meditate on life. This time I found myself meditating on math. Specifically on the 4 pages an hour rate that my editor was working at. You see that translates into about 125 hours for my novel. So if I assume that I would be no faster than my editor at incorporating the edits, which I think is a safe conservative assumption since some of the edits will require plot changes/clarifications and that always takes a chunk of time.

Well, I swam a lot of laps and I’ll save you all the spluttering details, but here’s the summary:

  • 4 pages per hour
  • 125 hours needed
  • Average of 14 hours per week available
  • 9 weeks needed (assuming nothing goes awry <– Bad assumption)
  • 9 weeks from Saturday is Nov. 9th
  • I am on track to be 1 week late, assuming all goes well

That was a bit of an “Aw Crap!” moment.

So, I am buckling down as of today to see if I can’t punch through this a little faster. Stay Tuned.


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