MS is Back from My Editor

1st Reaction: I’ve got a lot of work to do!

I’d really like to say something insightful here, but, well, I got nuthin’. 

I read the critique. He picked up a few plot holes and a some character inconsistencies that will take some thought to fix. He still thinks I should change my first chapter, although he slid his suggestion more toward an amalgamation of the original and current first chapter. Then there a lot of questions about the world I’m building, not all of which I think I really need to answer for the story to work. Then a chunk of editing tips and a list of some of my individual quirks as a writer (I must admit I find those entertaining — I actually used “OK” 87 times.  Ooops.)

Really not a bad review.

The thing is that I’ve now got a 488 page manuscript that has a ton of line editing, think like 5-10 things to fix per page, and about six weeks to git ‘er done. Technically, I’d like to get it done in about 4 weeks so that I can do one more quick read through before I release it. So even without some plot holes to fix that’s a lot of work.

Well, no sense in worrying about it. As one of my favorite commercials used to opine, “time to make the donuts.”


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