Flipping The Light On

Since a few friends have pointed out that I’ve gone dark, I thought it was time to flip on the light switch.

Short version of the story – I have not made strong progress on editing my manuscript. I’ve been through a busy period at work, coaching soccer is soaking up some of my writing time, I’ve been pretty tired recently, I’m daunted by the sheer work involved in my project, etc. I also don’t like to write whiny blog posts (who wants to read that garbage?), so I haven’t been blogging either (see comments on work, time, tired).

Also, I realized today that there is an interesting fear at play with where I am in the process. I’ll write more about that tomorrow.

Basically I have gotten tired of hiding. You see, I haven’t wanted to blog about how things aren’t going to plan right now because this whole real life thing is getting in the way. The catch 22 is that when I blog about my writing I make public commitments and I find those motivating. So I haven’t been motivating myself and I haven’t wanted to write about not motivating myself. Can you say negative feedback loop?

Just this moment (well literally about 15 minutes ago), I decided I was done with that. So I installed the WordPress app on the iPad I’ve been fiddling with, in lieu of writing, and started tapping this out. (As an aside, it’s kind of fun doing this on an iPad, but I don’t see myself using it for blogging regularly.) I am officially not hiding now. The light is on!

Next it’s off to bed, so that I can get up before my son, and get a little editing in, first thing in the morning.

It feels good to be taking a step back in the right direction. Yay me,


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