Book Cover Mock-Up

I spent some time playing with ideas for the cover for BC1 yesterday and here’s a mock-up:

Rhett's book cover (mock up)

I Like It!

Now this is not the final version. The model will be dressed different with some accouterments and placed a little more in the foreground. But this is the location. Also, this is still just the working title. I have yet to come up with something snappy for the final title, but hey, I’ve got 27 days to figure it out. I’ll probably choose a different font, although that’s something that I hadn’t thought of, at all, until yesterday. I might go with something simple like courier, but man there a lot of font choices.

Anyway, I’m excited. It’s really cool to see the idea coming together and it makes the book look and feel real and that’s exciting. I kept showing it to people yesterday. Well, actually just to my girlfriend, over and over, but I think that counts.

I didn’t get much editing done yesterday, but I feel really pleased with my progress on the cover. So even though I need a big day today, I feel quite enthused and I am feeling like — “No Problem.”

Also, it is great to have help and support from friends. Thank you Kevin, Abel, Lisa, Daylin, & Fabian.

On to editing!

P.S. I like the cover mock-up.



6 responses to “Book Cover Mock-Up

  1. Yeah, I’m not crazy about the font, but the pic is fabulous, even with a change of clothes,,,I suppose I was expecting a mocha or a mule somewhere though…Book Covers are so difficult to decide on! Best wishes!!

    • Thanks for the feedback on the cover, I really appreciate it.

      The font was just to put something there. I actually want a font evocative of Art Deco, maybe the Broadway or Chic font. Funny enough, there will be a mocha in the model’s hand for the final shot, but no mule. Also, the title is just a working title and I don’t know that any part of it will remain. I really like the dead mule bit and the murder takes place in front of The Dead Mule Club, but there is only one scene in the book there, so I don’t think that’s substantial enough for the title.

      • Sounds great! I was blessed to have my brother, who is a media graphic artist, design my cover. I gave him a pretty hard time, but it turned out wonderfully. The hardest part was finding the right “hand,” believe it or not…and also, deciding whether or not to follow the trends in YA fiction book covers, which I didn’t. They often feature a real person’s face. I have lots of reasons not to do that and I am content with the final cover. Good luck- be content!! 😉

      • I can see why the hand was important. I like the cover and how you carried the design over to the back. I take it your brother is the one with the Illustrator credit?

  2. Yes! His website is being revamped or I would send you the link. I should really get him a fabulous Christmas present this year to thank him. He is hoping the book cover will look good on his resume- along with his recent Master’s degree, but the job market in graphic design is tough. Sorry, I digress…

    • The book cover will look good on his resume. I would also suggest that there’s a growing market of independent writers to whom he could market book cover design as a service.

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