Hit My Goal Yesterday!


My official goal was to edit 50 pages, my stretch goal was 60. I did 61! I felt pretty stoked. It feels good to see the number climbing on the BC1 page. A progress meter would be really cool to plug in.

I had to skip the critique portion of my writers’ group in order to get to the goal, but I think that’s a fine trade. I still went and socialized with them, after all I had some success! And I hadn’t seen them in months because I keep having work commitments on Tuesdays. It felt really good to catch up and talk about where we are on our various projects. One of the guys has his first novel coming out and he showed me the cover artwork — it was Awesome!!

The fun thing is that between hitting yesterday’s stretch goal and chatting with my writer buddies, I feel entirely energized today. Today will be a tough one because I have a doctor’s appointment and my last U10 soccer practice of the season, so I’ll be missing a chunk of time this afternoon and evening.

My goal is 50 pages today. I’ll need to move really fast this morning and I may have to stay up late to make up for the time the doctor, soccer, and a couple of errands will cost. BUT, I feel good enough that I think I can do it, at least right now! 😉

Okay, here goes!


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