212 Pages Last Week

97 More Pages To Edit. Track progress here.

A week ago that would have sounded like a lot. Today not so much. Probably because some how I really managed to pick up pace toward the end of the week. The week had some ups and downs, as usual, and overall I feel really good about my progress. How could I not with 212 pages of progress??

I didn’t write this weekend, but that was because I was coaching my U10 soccer team in a tournament and that was the weekend. As a brief aside,  we had an extremely successful tournament. Every kid stepped up their game in a huge way and several just improved by leaps and bounds, like we were seeing new kids! It was pretty incredible to watch. We won 4-1, 9-1, semi-final was 6-1. And the final we were winning 1-0  when the other team tied with 3 minutes to go. We went to two overtimes and won on a golden goal with less than two minutes left. It was intense. I’ve almost recovered from the weekend.

I might try to do a dab of writing tonight before really getting back into the flow of things tomorrow. I should be able to finish the draft no later than Saturday (no soccer now makes that a virtual done deal). My stretch is to finish it on Friday night and then see if I can read it over the weekend.

The reason for the re-read is because I may want to make a few more plot tweaks. I am actually in the process right now of deleting most of (so far 6-7 pages) a chapter late in the book. I think on a reread I may find some other errant sections. We shall see.


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