I’m Feeling Like My Book Is Pretty Good

So far.

Last night, I was reading Murder & Mochas  (still not the “official” title, but I’m using it here to try it out and see how it feels to write it) and right about the 13% mark I chuckled at a scene I wrote, yes I do find my own jokes funny, and I thought, “Hmm, I like this. I think it’s actually pretty good.” I even texted as much to a friend.

So if you’re wondering how my reading of the 6th draft is going, I’d say pretty well. I like the book. I’ve found numerous little things I will tweak, but nothing glaring or large yet. I must say that I feel really pleased about that because my one big fear was that I would read it and find it needing some massive rewrites, which would blow a hole in my 12/1 launch date.

Now I must admit, this is merely cautiously optimistic, as I have a lot left to read and some pretty meaty bits yet to come, but it is cautiously optimistic nonetheless.

Also, I chose to read it on my Kindle. I really wanted to read it on paper, so that I could make quick notes if I found anything amiss. But I opted for the Kindle in part because it was cheaper than printing and in part so that I could experience what my readers will experience. I’m glad I did as I’ve found some formatting issues that I might have missed otherwise and as it turns out, the Comments that the Kindle allows you to plug in are just as handy as scribbling on printed paper. So I am enjoying the Kindle experience with my own novel and feeling pretty twenty-first century to boot!

I’ve probably got about 8 hours left of reading and taking notes. So I am tracking nicely to meeting my goals for next steps. If you want to keep tabs on me, check here.


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