Whomever Put the Krispy Kreme on Franklin St

Thanks. It was in the perfect spot.

Sunday morning it was about 28F (-2C) when we did the photo shoot for the cover of Murder & Mochas. As luck would have it, the Krispy Kreme was right next to the alley where we did the shoot and it made the perfect getting warm planning spot, keep the model warm spot, and most importantly keep the model’s three year-old warm spot.

Also my son didn’t mind the donut that I bought him and several of us didn’t mind the coffees!

The warm donut shop was one of the fun parts. The cold was not. And my friend Brinnan was an absolute trooper! Not only did she have to pose like the weather was fine in 28 degrees, with about a ten to fifteen mile an hour wind blowing down the alley, but she also had  to do it in a dress distinctly cut for a warmer time of the year! In some of the shots, you can actually see skin starting to turn purple. Technically, I thought that could be useful since there are aliens in my book, but I don’t think Brinnan signed up for purple skin and goosebumps at 8 AM on a Sunday morning!

The good thing was some pre-planning reduced her time in the cold and allowed us to have a really efficient shoot. A few weeks back, we did a test shoot and created a mock-up. Because of that we knew just where we wanted her to stand and the angle of the shots. My friend Abel has a great eye for light and scouted the lighting before we got there and in about twenty minutes we got 200 shots. About 21 of those were very good and 5-6 absolutely usable for the cover.

And of course, after the shoot, we went to Mad Hatters (as promised) to have an awesome breakfast and talk about the pictures, book cover, etc. The breakfast was a lot of fun, in part because I got to show two of my friends a key setting in the book.

I am also struck by how cool it was to have my son with me. Here I am a 42 year-old single dad working on this dream, with a lot of help from my friends, and my 9 year-old son is tagging along witnessing it. I’m not really sure what sort of impression it made on him, I suspect that it’s one of those things that is passable interesting now, but the real impact will settle in on him in ten or twenty years. Either way, it was cool to have him along witnessing it and to be able to show him the evolving cover as I made dinner tonight.

On that note, I am totally stoked about the cover. It is coming together even better than I imagined when Kevin and I first cooked it up in his pool. Not only that, it is almost there. I just need to work with Abel to tweak the lighting effect and we’ve got it and that is beyond words cool! Something about the cover getting done just makes the book suddenly feel so real!


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