Final Final!

After a “good,” “close,” “great,” “that’s really close,” “awesome,” “perfect,” “Final,” and “can you do just one more tweak?” I finally have a Final Final book cover design!

Murder & Mochas.Cover.Final.Internet Use

First of all, I have to give a ton of credit to Abel Valdivia, who did my cover design. As I said after the photo shoot, he has a great eye for light, texture, and photography. What I didn’t know was how good he would be at interpreting my words for look and feel and manipulating the image to achieve them. Somehow, we managed to work all of the elements and concepts that I was aiming for into the cover. Admittedly, Abel is a bit of a perfectionist, which is a real plus when trying to get this just right. And there were a lot of little tweaks, back and forth, and a marathon “effects” session at a Caribou, but he stuck with it and it was all worth it. I truly could not be happier with my cover and his efforts.

As I’ve said before, getting this done makes the book seem that much more real. It’s nutty since there have been 80,000-100,000 words for more than two years. But there is just something about that visual that says, “NOW, it’s a book!”

I am days away from launch and very excited to be finally able to count it in days!! 8 days and counting.


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