Book Launch in 5 Days

And the edits are done.

I’m somewhat surprised that I got through them. Like I said, a lot of them were word tweaks. But I think the big thing is that I’m being decisive. I found some notes and an e-mail conversation with a reader that had a half-dozen suggestions. Three of them I just no to. The other three were all in the category of clarifying background/worldbuilding. In both cases, I just went right to the first spot in the book that I could do it and concisely cleared things up. No hand-wringing here, I’ve got a deadline to hit and I mean to hit it.

Interestingly, driving to work I thought of a new clue for my main character to find. It was a good one, right on the money in terms of improving the plot. The clue was simple and fit some of the backstory that’s always been in my head. But as I thought it through it would have a ripple effect that would hit a significant number of chapters and I would need to do a close reading of those sections to make sure I wasn’t missing any nuances. So, I said “great idea, but it’s not going in this book.”

Synopsis is the next big piece. I guess I start to tackle that one tomorrow. That’ll be tough since I have to be at work a little on the early side. I may have to do a late night tomorrow. Heck, now that I think about it, I might as well stay up a bit later tonight, although I did stay up pretty late last night. So it looks officially like late night #2.

Formatting is after that. Realistically, I probably won’t get to that until the weekend. But I’m fine with that. I’ve previewed the guidelines and I think it will be easy to figure out <knock on wood>. I think the bigger challenge will simply be spending some tedious time on it.

Web Presence is next next. Although I am working on the blog transfer. The bad news is that what I thought would be a “simple” domain transfer is not quite so simple nor lacking in glitches. I can only say that it is still “in progress” and I feel no assurance that it will be successful, just yet. But I’m mostly looking forward to getting all web presence bits done.

All right, I’m off to start figuring out a synopsis.

BTW, if you’ve read any really good ones, especially SciFi Detective or Mystery, let me know (preferably before Saturday evening).


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