Book Launch in 4 Days

And I thought I had a synopsis.

Synopsis  I did go for the late night last night. I knocked about on Amazon for a bit and was shocked to discover that most of the book descriptions are between 150 and 200 words. Somehow I though they were longer. At first that felt easier to write, less work, but that was all in my imagination. I did eventually get something out, around midnight, and I sent it to some friends. This morning I woke up feeling like I would have my synopsis with just a few tweaks. Then, my good friend <can you feel the love> Liz gives me a detailed, very detailed, analysis. Let’s just work the phrase square one in, right here. Guess I’m working on my book description tonight, so much for the fantasy of going to bed early.

Formatting I read a little about this today, enough to know that it will be tedious and I’ll be working on it later in the week.

Web Presence I started to set up my KDP account and even uploaded the cover for my novel — that was pretty cool. Also, if a facebook poll to pick my bio picture is progress, I made real progress!


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