Book Launch in 3 Days

And this synopsis is killing me. 3 DAYS and I don’t have one yet, Really?

I did indeed work on it late last night. When I woke up this morning, I felt like it was very close. Then I got thumbs up from a couple of friends. The problem is that last night I posted it in the forum my friend Liz recommended and I got more feedback.

So I tweaked it some more. Then I got a fun new lead in, which I liked so I added it, but felt like I had to change the rest. Then I got feedback that the change was weaker. So I tacked the new lead in onto the old version. But I kept getting feedback on the forum that the middle part was too clunky. So I whacked the middle and then decided to whack the fun new lead in as well. Now I’m mostly tired, confused, and a little stressed about needing to have this final in less than two days.

As I’m writing this post, Liz e-mails me with a “hey what happened to the lead in?” and now I’m thinking, “yeah, I did like that too.” It was fun and hell one of the reason I started, and often stuck with, this project was for fun. So back it goes, at least for now.

Any way, here’s what I’m sitting on tonight, not quite convinced it’s done:

Kurt West always has a hard time getting green alien blood out of his clothes. At least the diplomat’s blood was blue.

Kurt is a bounty hunter living in a small southern town, but when an alien diplomat is murdered on the street, Kurt is contracted to use his knowledge of the alien underground to track down the murderer. Even though his bail bondsman boss is breathing down his neck to bring in a bail jumper before he loses the business, Kurt must find the killer or risk losing the protection that keeps a dangerous flood of aliens at bay.

A Southern noir sci-fi detective story, Murder & Mochas bounces a sarcastic and gritty detective off aliens and life in a small southern town to produce a fun, page-turning mystery.

Time for bed.


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