Book Launch in 2 Days

And I’m Taking Pre-orders of Signed Copies for Christmas.

Pre-orders I’ve had a number of friends and collaborators tell me that they would like to get a signed copy to give as Christmas presents, so I’m working on it. At this point, I’m feeling optimistic that I can pull it off. I’ll now for sure in a few days.

Synopsis  I haven’t changed this in 24 whole hours. So I think I am officially going with what I posted yesterday.

Formatting I’ve started converting my word doc into the proper format for Kindle. I’ll do converting for print once that is done. I keep forgetting to run spell check. Note-to-self: Run spell check before publishing.

Web Presence Survey says, picture #1 on my FB poll was the hands down winner. So my official Author photo (for now) is:


KDP account is all set up and waiting for the final version of Murder & Mochas. I still have to set up author pages here and there and upgrade the blog, etc., but all of that will come after pushing the book out.

Okay, that’s a quick update. I’m feeling a little under the weather, so I’m going to bed early tonight – I’ve got a big push coming this weekend.


2 responses to “Book Launch in 2 Days

  1. OK, how do you pre-order? Aren’t you a professional techie? Shouldn’t there be a link somewhere?

    • Hey Dave, Thanks for asking. In the short-term, you pre-order by posting a note telling me you want to. Success you have pre-ordered! Of course, I’m now going to double the price because you’re on the hook!

      Yes I am a professional techie, so there should be an easy button somewhere – Fail Me! On that note, I am in the process of moving my blog from the free site to a self-hosted site. One of the reasons that I am moving is because I can not have a “Buy A Signed Copy” button on my WordPress site, they don’t allow you to sell stuff. Which was fine for me, until now. I think my site will be ported over by Monday-ish. Then I hope to pretty quickly figure out how to add the functionality. For now, it’s old-fashioned ordering by hand (sort of). BTW, how many copies do you want? The signed paperback, 6″X9″ with cream colored paper and that awesome cover will end up in the $15-$20 range.

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