First Reviews Are In

And they’re good!

I love how Liz B characterizes Murder & Mochas as a genre mash-up.

I love genre mash-ups, so this was a really fun read. It’s noir mystery meets Southern gothic meets sci-fi, plus a lot of humor. The main character, Kurt West, is a tough but loveable bounty hunter who also happens to be a hired gun for North Carolina’s alien affairs bureau (the only one in the country, because it’s a state issue and none of DC’s damned business!). The only inter-dimensional portal that allows aliens to come to Earth, on diplomatic missions and tourism trips, happens to open into Chapel Hill, NC. A lot of the humor comes from the setting of all this interplanetary intrigue in a small college town in the American South. The locations in the book are all real, too, and it’s clear the author knows the town and its environs really well.

The story takes place over a few days as Kurt has to solve the murder of an alien diplomat before the murderer can escape off the planet, while also trying to catch a human bounty for his full-time boss and dealing with obstructionist alien diplomats and a whole bunch of colorful “ET” characters (lizard aliens who will tell you anything you want to hear for a mocha and an omelet, for example). There’s also a cool Mos Eisley-esque alien bazaar located in a fourth dimension within Chapel Hill that he frequents when he needs to talk to shady types.

Overall, a really good read, and a cool concept for mystery and sci-fi fans.

Kevin Dawson’s first line cracks me up. I wish I had thought of it.

Kurt West is a new type of gritty hero, flawed and not perfect, a regular guy we can all relate to (he doesn’t get the girl). This book is a fresh take on the whole aliens on earth scenario with multiple genres stirred together for added fun. A tight dead line, sarcastic bounty/alien hunter with a soft side , voluptuous aliens, large caliber firearms, alien technology, carcinogen belching V8 engines, omelet eating lizards, an alien bazaar area that’s like the wild west, and beer; what’s not to like?

It’s an awesome read, I couldn’t put it down until I finished. The only downside was not being able to find a book two…

You can Murder & Mochas  ebook on Amazon and the paper version at CreateSpace.

Murder & Mochas.Cover.Final.Internet Use


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