Lack of Fanfare Is Good

One nice thing about being an Indie writer is the lack of fanfare.

Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t at all mind a little splash and I did very much enjoy all of the congratulations, fb posts, and texts when I published Murder & Mochas. It was fun. And it was good to hangout with my writer friends last night and talk about it and receive some kudos.

That said, it all seems to be over already and I’m good with that.

You see Sunday evening, the steady stream of congratulations had ebbed and then disappeared around dinner time. My apartment was remarkably quiet and I had a “Now What?” type of feeling.

There wasn’t anything else to do for Murder & Mochas, ebook and print versions were in the can. There were a couple of technical issues pending, but they were in someone else’s queue. So I decided the only thing that really made sense was to have a nice dinner, then get up the next morning and pick back up with Beowulf Chronicles 2 ( BC2).

And that’s exactly what I did. So far this week I’ve added about 3300 words and it is entirely realistic that I will finish it by the end of the year. Yes, Kevin, I know the year ends in thirteen days and I think that’s really achievable. In fact, that’s the official goal now.


2 responses to “Lack of Fanfare Is Good

  1. I can’t wait to read Beowulf Book Two! I just finished Book One and I absolutely loved it. What a fantastic world you’ve built–a totally immersive, ripping-fast mystery. Kurt West reminds me of part Harry Dresden, part Stephanie Plum (not just because of his “girlie” taste in beers, which I highly approve of), and a hearty dash of Han Solo. Well done!!!

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