Goodreads Giveaway

My Giveaway is live on Goodreads!

Basically, for the next 30 days you can hit the “Enter to Win” button and  you’re in. How easy is that? Then on Jan. 25th, Goodreads randomly selects 30 people to receive a signed copy of my debut novel. You can enter here.

Here’s the most exciting part for me — the giveaway went live at midnight last night and when I checked it at 9 am this morning (yeah, I slept in, sue me, it was the day after Christmas) I already had 48 people entered!! So join them and maybe in 30 days, you can look like this:

My M&M

That’s me holding my first actual physical copy of Murder & Mochas. The first of  you who ordered off Amazon or CreateSpace, already received your books. I know. But you’ve got more pull than the author (as it should be). My book wasn’t scheduled to arrive until tomorrow. BUT, it came early! I unexpectedly got it on Christmas Eve. That was a fun little early present.

So in a month, I’ll be signing 30 of these books to send out to people, you might be one of them, and I hope you’ll be smiling just as big!

Updated  2/18/14

Book Signing Video
Books Are in the Mail
1st Book Arrives


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