2014 First Quarter Goals

Hard to believe that it is already a year since I did this for the first time. I feel like I accomplished a lot during 2013 and stating my goals and blogging about my progress was a big part of that. So here I go again.

  1. Finish 2nd Draft of BC2.  There is actually a lot to this one: Finish the 1st draft (not quite there), read it through, determine the changes, and overhaul. But all in all it should be pretty do-able. You can follow BC2’s progress here.
  2. Write 1st Draft of BC3. Okay, this one feels tough because it A. requires that I actually finish the 2nd draft of BC2 and B. I do A. with enough time left in the quarter to do this. But I have a goal of getting both of those books out this year, so if I’m going to do that I need to get off to a fast start. You can follow BC3’s progress here.
  3. Address Heel Issue.  The PT for the tendinitis in my Achilles went nowhere for two plus months. Unfortunately, I have now completely dropped my exercise routine and have lost confidence that I was even addressing the right issue. Time to switch to address it.
  4. Restart Exercise Routine. The goal for the quarter is 3 days a week.

Those all seem pretty clear and measurable.


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