My Twitter Experiment

I’ve been on the fence about Twitter for a while. I think it’s a valuable tool and I’ve read enough about it to have a sense for how to use it/what it can do for you, but I haven’t felt strongly that it was a worthwhile time investment for me.

You see, between the day job, my son, writing, coaching soccer, dishes, etc., I’m not exactly overflowing with free time or adequate rest. So I tend to evaluate strongly any extra time commitment and Twitter hasn’t quite made the cut. To this point, I’ve dabbled. I have an account, mostly my blog updates go to it. Sometimes I read a little of what others are doing, sometimes I promote my work or update my progress, and sometimes I just ignore it.

So that brings me to this morning. I went to Joel Friedlander’s site to see if he had posted the Cover Design Awards for December yet. Even though I think his style preferences contrast somewhat with the book cover for Murder & Mochas both my designer, Abel Valdivia, and I think it’s a kick ass cover. In fact, that’s the general feedback we’ve gotten. I’ve even had some inquiries on who did my cover. So, I’m anxious to see if Joel likes it and I popped onto his site first thing this morning.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t posted the results yet. 😦  But this interesting article on how to build an awesome twitter following in 6 minutes a day jumped out at me. I thought, “hmm, that’s about the right time commitment for me.” And I’ve seen with my book release how even a meager twitter following can have an impact, so I thought an awesome following could be really cool.

I read it and it made sense. So I thought, “I’m going to try that.” And as with most things, I want to start immediately, so I did. I also thought that it would be interesting to track my results over time, by capturing them in blog posts  — this has the added bonus of forcing me to stick with the experiment.

Okay, on day 1 I started with the following stats:

Following 104
Followers 44

I invested 6 minutes in finding new people to follow and I ended the day with:

Following 119
Followers 46

My actual total time investment was 23 minutes because I goofed around for a few minutes looking for some people I had been meaning to follow, but hadn’t yet (such as Joel Friedlander) and I looked at the new people I was following to find one tweet I liked. When I found it, I responded to the person letting her know that I liked it and she actually favorited it. Not bad.

Okay, that’s day 1. Tomorrow, I really am going to spend only 6-10 minutes on it.


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