1st Draft of Beowulf Chronicles 2 is Done!

I just finished it about 15 minutes ago!

It was a long hard day of fighting some early procrastination and fighting to keep my butt in the chair. Then with the help of the Scorpions World Wide Live (the right music is always essential), I hit a groove. I think I listened to it five straight times!

Anyway, with sore butt, back, and arms, I powered my way to the end of the book and I feel good. I wrote a couple of good scenes today and I like its ending. I know I’ve got a lot of work to do yet, but it feels pretty damned good to bring it to an end.

Now I can eat dinner!

Then I need to find my digital recorder so that I can finally transfer that chapter I dictated last April into the book. I might wait ’til tomorrow on that!


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