My Twitter Experiment Day 14

It has been interesting. I woke up to find my Twitter account suspended today, but more on that later.

As I said when I started this, I’m basically using the method Joel Friedlander suggested. I find writers I like and scroll through their followers looking for people to follow. I skip eggs. If accounts have a picture, but don’t have a profile description I click to see if they’re being used and if it looks like the person is not active, I skip them. I skip business accounts, most with a “social media” description. I skip authors, although I do follow people with “Writer” if it looks like that is an interest as opposed to an aspiration or profession. Also, I have a double exception if I see a writer’s profile that somehow appeals to me. So I am pretty closely following his method, which is so supposed to add 30 people to my following list in about 6 minutes. Here is my average daily increase in how many people I’m following:

  • Week 1 – 26
  • Week 2 – 31

For followers, Joel said that people will follow you back (that’s proper edict) and you’ll pick up 15-20 per 30 that you follow. So far, not quite, although there was a distinct difference from Week 1 to Week 2:

  • Week 1 – 4
  • Week 2 – 11

The other interesting thing as I moved into Week 2 was that I began to get a couple of people each day initiating a follow with me instead of visa-versa. Also, I started to get some retweets and inquiries about my novel. Just a few each, but that’s still greater than the zero I had been getting. Also, Twitter is now becoming a meaningful contributor of traffic to my blog (keeping in mind that all numbers are low).

In terms of my interactions, I send a direct message to everyone who follows me with a Thank you. I respond to all direct messages (I’ve even been interviewed for a school project – how cool is that!). I pick one new person to send a tweet to each day (something I picked up from the comments in Joel’s article), usually when something jumps out or amuses me in someone’s profile description. And I tweet on occasion, but still not daily.

Which leads me to my surprise and dismay at my account being suspended. They sent me a link to the rules, but I was still mystified after reading them. The only thing that I can figure is that adding 180 followings in a week is too many, which seems odd since one of the objectives is to follow and be followed. The only other thought I had was that maybe someone thought that I was spamming, but that’s almost comical. I’ve tweeted 21 times in the last week. Of those, 3 are about my book/book giveaway, 1 is my standard link to a new blog entry, and one is a retweet of a Hugh Howey article on Indie publishing. The rest were to actual people. Not exactly a spamfest.

Anyway, I took today off from adding new followings, but I do intend to keep the experiment going for a while to see what it yields.


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