Books Are in the Mail

If you won my Goodreads Giveaway, your book is on its way!!

goodreads giveaway, Murder & Mochas

I am so excited to report that I got all 30 books out yesterday. If you’re in the states, the Post Office said you should get your book this coming Monday or Tuesday! If you’re in Canada, Great Britain, or Australia, well, unfortunately, the U.S. Postal system made no commitments on when you’ll receive your books. BUT they are on the way.

Now for a little review (I’ll do more of an analysis later), I really enjoyed the process and I know that I will do a giveaway with Book 2. First, it was just really cool watching the number of entrants run quickly into the hundreds and then nearly double in the last week. I was astounded to get 1495 people entering my contest! I mean, really? Debut novel of Joe Nobody nets 1495 people saying “sign me up” like wow! I also ended up on more than 600 TBR lists. Very exciting.

The other fun thing was actually packaging up the books. Don’t get me wrong, it was work. It involved several trips to stores, a mistaken Amazon purchase, and a whole lot of typing, cutting, taping, etc. But the whole time I kept seeing these names and trying to imagine the people who were going to get my book, wondering who they were, what their town is like, and how they would react. As I was putting the bubble wrap on and slipping the books into the envelopes I kept how it might feel to receive a signed book that you won! It took me hours to package them all up, but I smiled the whole time. I really felt like I was wrapping Christmas presents for kids I haven’t met, like a Secret Santa.

I’ve never won a book, but I a sure that if I did I would be totally excited, even if I didn’t read it.

I know not all of the winners will like my book and they probably won’t all read it. That’s fine, it doesn’t change that it was fun to do and I’m sure they’ll have enjoy receiving the book. I’m also sure that some of the winners will like it and that’s really fun for both of us.

So if you’re a winner, be on the look out for your book. Tweet @rhettbigler a picture of your book when you get it and if you like it, share a favorite quote from it on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. and please write a review for Goodreads and Amazon.


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