1st Giveaway Book Arrives

Well, I sat down to write a post about how the first draft of BC2 was better than I thought it would be.

Then I got this tweet:

Murder & Mochas, Goodreads Giveaway

The first tweet with a picture of one of the Murder & Mochas giveaway books.

I had planned to write a post on Monday or Tuesday “wondering” when the books would arrive and when I would get my first picture — best laid plans! 🙂

It’s like Christmas all over again for me!

As I said before, I really enjoyed packaging the books up and sending them out. But to see one in someone’s hands, that is just too cool. There’s a lot of joy for me knowing that with a lot of hard work I created that book and there it is in someone’s hands and they are about to read it. For me as a writer, it’s about having people read my work and their experience of it. I do hope she enjoys it.

I would love to get more pictures, tweet @rhettbigler as the books arrive!

P.S. I’ll circle back in the next day or two (tomorrow is unlikely as I’ve got my son’s birthday party followed by a SuperBowl party) to give you an update on BC2.


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