3.5 People Are Reading My Book

So this morning I popped onto Goodreads (I don’t remember why now). When I log in it shows me some basic stats on my book in the upper right-hand corner. This morning I noticed the number of people who had “Added” Murder & Mochas had gone down a couple, so I clicked the link to see if that was accurate. Technically it was –a couple of people had moved my book to the “Currently Reading” shelf!

Murder & Mochas, Goodreads

Okay, I know it was only two people and way more than two people have my book (I mean like literally way more than double that), BUT to suddenly see (split infinitives be damned!) evidence of real, live, human beings, complete strangers, actually “READING” my book. Well that’s just a thrill! (– insert fireworks here–)

There are lots of reasons whyI am doing this, but #1 is simply to be read. I want people to read and enjoy my books. And there are some reading it Right Now (well maybe not right now, but at least earlier today or yesterday). I’ve had a little bit of a buzz all day because of it. I keep wondering what they think of it, what part they’re on, if they’re enjoying it, how they might react to that, if they’ll write a review, send me an e-mail, or tweet . . . etc, etc.

</happy rant>

Okay, for those of you who have stuck with this post up to this point and are still wondering about the fuzzy math, it’s simple. I checked again right before writing this post (just to make sure someone is still reading my book) and it shows “Currently Reading 4,” but when I click on details it shows me three people. So I split the difference, 3.5. Maybe someone is only half reading it, or half paying attention, or it could just be bad code on the web site. Either way, the number is larger than 0 and that has me happy!


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