M&M is Accidentally On Sale

Okay, so here’s the funny thing (technically the title was supposed to be the funny thing). A week or so ago, I announced a book sale for Murder & Mochas. Primarily just because and a little bit to get those tire-kickers to stop kicking. As I said, I’ve got great control over price on the ebook, but less flexibility with the paper edition.

Basically, for the print edition, I mark the price down at CreateSpace and 3-5 business days later it propagates to Amazon. Sunday night I thought about all of the stuff I needed to do Monday and decided just to take care of it, after all it was just a few clicks and I might be on the 5-day plan. Randomly I logged into Amazon today and discovered I was on the 3-day plan!

So the paper edition is on sale a few days early. I’ll leave it on sale through the weekend and then see how long it takes me to turn it off. The Kindle countdown sale will still start at 8 am (EST, I think) on Saturday.


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