My Week of Writing

Begins . . . Now! I feel like my next sentence should be, “That is all.” But I’m chatty, so it won’t be. 🙂

I took off next week to write. Technically, I’m supposed to be getting Mercury & Murder out to my beta readers today or tomorrow, but I’m a little behind — we’ll see how that goes. Then I’m supposed to start on BC3, tentatively titled The Heist. My goal is to get BC3 done while the beta readers are reading Mercury & Murder (BC2).

At any rate, the goal is to get jacked up on caffeine and spend the next 7 days writing. Fortunately, the weather has conspired in my favor. It has been one rainy, chilly, nasty winter day out. A make me some soup and curl up under a blanket with some tea type day. So I don’t really feel like doing anything other than staying in. That’s good. We’ll see if it holds when the spring weather breaks in tomorrow.

I’ll try to make some quick updates along the way, but that’s enough idle chit-chat. Here I go.


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