2015 Plan

As I sit down to write this, I’m suddenly struck that a 2014 Review and a bit of an Update are probably in order just as much as a plan for this year.  Okay, I’ll do both of those later this week. But, in the interest of staying on task, let me sketch a plan for this year.

  1. Publish Mercury & Murder (BC 2). I’ve got 5 out of 6 edits left on the current draft and a close reading to follow. If I use my time well, the book should be ready to upload by the end of the month. If I’m realistic about the actual constraints of the space-time continuum and my lack of superpowers, mid-February is probably a better bet.
  2. Blog once a week. No real reason I can’t sit down once a week and whip out a few hundred words to keep everyone updated. It’s a good healthy goal to get me back into my groove and keep me there. In fact, this post is really the start of it.
  3. Publish BC3 (tentatively, playfully titled Chocolate & Wet Suits)Okay, that really is a stretch goal since I managed not to get BC2 out last year. But, I’m 25,000 words in, the major part of my house project is behind me, and I think it’s just (barely) do-able once I get my groove back.

So, with a little bit of luck, and a lot of discipline, what you can expect from me this year is two books and 52 blog posts. There will probably be more along the way, but I think that’s a good set of goals for the year – I’ll be quite happy if I can hit that.


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