1st Check In

Better late than never, right??

As I mentioned in my 2015 Plan, I have a highly, ahem, achievable goal of blogging once a week. For those of you keeping score, I may be revising that to be a goal of “averaging” one per week.  Which, no doubt, will result in a flurry of 20 posts the last week of the year. At any rate, this is my first check in, albeit a tad more than a week late.

One point of clarification, I wrote in that post that I had 5 of 6 editing tasks left on Mercury & Murder, but in actuality #1 was (insert Monty Python voice –>) not quite done yet. I discovered on my trip that I still had a few chapters to reread at the beginning of the novel. In fun fashion, I accomplished that task over a beer in Tokyo’s Narita airport.

Reading a draft of Mercury & Murder in Tokyo's Narita Airport

Reading a draft of Mercury & Murder in Tokyo’s Narita Airport

With an assist from a nice long plane flight, I did make it through the second task. This was basically enhancing the relationship between my main character and his girlfriend by increasing their interactions and the build-up to a crucial scene. When I finished that I actually felt really good about it and wanted to immediately share it with some of my readers. I resisted the urge, being somewhere over the Pacific at the time probably helped. Of course an hour later I was second-guessing myself anyway and wondering if maybe I shouldn’t do more. I do think it’s good enough, but it is always a challenge to figure out when to stop tweaking.

So this week I am on to task #3, which is giving a little more umph to my baddie. I don’t have a clear picture of how I’m going to do that yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

One more thing that I want to note — a friend texted me the following this week: “Hey! When’s the next book coming out?? I genuinely loved the first one.” The first thing I want to note is that whenever someone texts, tweets, e-mails, or posts a review about how much they liked my book, well, I am amazed, flattered, grateful, and a little buzzed. It is indescribably cool to get unsolicited positive feedback on my work. Thank you. And I must say that that type of feedback is encouragement that sticks to my ribs like a good meal. That’s the reason that I’m blogging tonight and that I’m going to be getting up early to write this week.

Note number two, is simply the timeframe with which I responded. Optimistically, 4-6 weeks, particularly if I got good work done on the trip back from China (didn’t quite hit that mark). Or 2-3 more months. Yes, I can already hear somebody groaning over the 2-3 months, but to be clear, that’s not to finish content, those dates are to when Mercury & Murder will be on sale. Also, personally I really want to hit the 6 week mark, not the 12 week mark. But either way, I need to get cracking.


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  1. rhettbigler.com! And I knew you when…. Congrats!

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