3rd Check In

Yeah, a boring title. So sue me! I’ll even add a boring picture!

Boring Picture

Boring Picture

I guess I’m feeling testy. Playful, yet testy. I stayed up too late folding laundry and my son wanted me to get up too early. That’s the #excitingbachelorlifeofawriter

Anyway, I felt sluggish and I heaped a serving of crappy on top of that because I did not make much writing progress this week. Last weekend I was run down (I guess the travel etc. finally caught up with me), so a couple of urgent personal projects got pushed into the week and negated most of my writing time. Upon waking all-too-early this morning, I felt that I needed to have something to report to my readers.

I also must admit that after officially committing to get the novel out, as in ON SALE, March 21st, I had a little bit of a sharp intake of breath when looking at the calendar this morning.

So, I let my son watch some YouTube, while I felt guilty for being a “bad dad” and plugged away on Mercury & Murder. The good news is that I think I can actually cross major edit #3 off the list – making my baddie more bad.

At this point, I feel pretty good about what I accomplished on the novel and I’m about to put up a blog post. I’m going to put away all of the laundry I folded last night, enjoy some of this sunny day with my son, go grocery shopping, then take my boy out for a nice birthday dinner.


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