Synopsis is Finalized!

Mercury & Murder

Former Marine Kurt West is a bounty hunter who, when not chasing bail jumpers, tracks down aliens who stray outside the lines of the normally quiet–and supposedly alien-free–Chapel Hill.

As the college town’s annual crowded street party approaches, the man accused of a chilling execution-style murder has skipped out on bail and fear grips the community. Kurt gets the call to bring him in, but soon discovers ties between his fugitive and the illicit alien drug trade. When a floater turns up in a lake, apparently killed with an alien weapon, Kurt suddenly has two high-priority cases. But do the cases connect? And do they lead where Kurt thinks or to some place even more deadly?

First of all, a big Thank You to my readers for giving me excellent and quick feedback. It is not easy to boil a 300 page novel down into a matter of sentences and make it sound somewhat interesting. This synopsis went through five drafts and was bounced off of about eight people.

I feel pretty good about it. And, not surprisingly, I still want to tweak it. But if I keep tinkering , I’ll never get the book out. There is certainly something to be said for having a good synopsis that will hook a potential reader’s interest, but if I don’t call it “good enough” at some point, there’s no book to worry about!

Now one of the great things about being an Indie is that it’s easy to tweak it and change it later, if I’m so inclined. I don’t see myself doing that (yet), but I do think that I’m going to update the synopsis for Book 1 Murder & Mochas. More on that later.


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