10,000 Words

That’s the goal for this weekend!

I’ve finally caught some momentum on Beowulf Chronicles 3. I’ve done 10,000 words in the last two weeks and I feel like I’m in striking distance of finishing the first draft. –Ah-hem, with a BIG weekend of course.– I did 1800 words last night, so only 8200 to go. Across two days that feels pretty achievable.

So how did I catch some momentum? I did a sharp right turn off of my outline. I had been bugged, bogged down really, by a sense that the outline wasn’t meaty enough, that the story needed more fleshing out. Then as I was writing I hit a spot where a character was supposed to confess to some naughtiness, which brought a rapid end to the novel. Right there was the problem. So I thought about it for a bit and decided that instead of confessing to X, I would have the character point Kurt & Papa Bear toward a new clue. That was key! Because that clue didn’t exist in the outline, so I had to take a sharp right turn (my pun is up and I felt like writing a “sharp write turn”) and start making shit up. Good thing I’m a writer and my chief job is to make shit up! That freed me up and since then I have created 8.25 new chapters, all of which were not in the original outline, and I feel like I’ve got some momentum to finish out this draft.

So I’m ditching household chores (bummer about that), home projects, and maybe even grocery shopping (unless I run out of coffee) for the weekend. I’ve got my mental state set to Write, I’m over caffeinated, and ready to go.


One response to “10,000 Words

  1. Good move. Never let the outline hold you back if you’ve got a better option.

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