And … They’re Off

Goodreads giveaway books are in the mail!

BC2 Goodreads Giveaway 2

As a minor aside, I once again walked into the Post Office to a long line. Uncontrollably, a heavy sigh issued from  my lips. Yet, I was amazed at how quickly the line moved. Unless of course, you were one of the people behind me and my 4 international and 29 domestic books to be shipped. Yeah, apparently, I’m that guy. The postal workers did their best, but 45 minutes later there was a line to the door and I was the apparent cause of the heavy sighs. So if you happened to be stuck in the Chapel Hill Post Office longer than you wanted to be this fine Saturday, my apologies. But take solace in the fact that over the next week (or so) thirty some people will be happy to receive their free books. Some of them may even like the book!

Now, if I can just get real about some marketing, I may be able to get these sales nudged past their current dribble.


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