Check Out This Review

I was going to write about the title for BC3 (the third book in my Beowulf Chronicles series), but I happened to pop onto Goodreads today and discover the latest 5 star review for Mercury & Murder . This one is from Greg, another winner from my Goodreads Giveaway. Here is what he had to say:

Firstreads Winner. Loved this book. It was a fast ride though a wonderful cross of worlds. I want this to be a TV series where the bounty hunters are followed in their endeavors to wrestle with alien outlaws. This was such a rich world the author created full of gritty characters and humor. The dialogue is witty, unreverent, and quick. This is a great book with all the fun of an amusement park.

Mercury & Murder

(Couldn’t find a non-copyrighted picture of an amusement park that I liked, so I just used my book cover.)

What can I say, he nailed it! People who know me would definitely say that a ride through my world is a ride through a witty irreverent amusement park.

I am thinking about a direct to NetFlix series. I see a lot of room for this to be a great TV show with the type of production quality you can get from NetFlix. And who doesn’t love binge-watching a season!? There are other options, but that one appeals to me for a number of reasons.

If you would like to read his review yourself or see what else is on Goodreads, you can find it here.

Thank you for the great review Greg, it made my day. I hope you check out Murder & Mochas and enjoy it equally as much.

Guess I’ll write about the title for BC3 this weekend — Stay Tuned.


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