Chocolate Meltdown

That’s right, you read it, Chocolate Meltdown, is the title for Beowulf Chronicles 3!

I suppose I should insert some legalese here giving me enough wiggle room to allow myself to change the title later should something better crop up. But nah. Each time I settle on a title it sticks. This one will stick.

The title process is always interesting. It can be a little frustrating, trying to distill the books essence down to a couple words while still keeping it relevant. With Murder & Mochas at one point I had a working list of 25 titles, all of which I eventually tossed out. I got within thirty days of publication, for a book I had been working on for two years, before I settled on the title. Sometimes, there’s some luck involved. For Mercury & Murder, the key elements of that book were so clear the title just locked itself in before I even got through with the second draft. And, of course, good friends always help.

I was sitting on the deck of The Dead Mule with my girlfriend talking about Murder & Mochas and I mentioned that I needed a title for book 3 and I just asked if she were game to help. She said, “Sure.” I mean, come on, who would refuse that, right? So I showed her the synopsis and she came up with “Bittersweet Exit.” I loved the sound of it and in a way it fits, but it also sounded a little more romance than gritty detective story.  I texted it to Kevin, who has read the Alpha, and he came back with Chocolate Meltdown and Chocolate Shakedown. I thought about Bittersweet Meltdown (what can I say, I liked the Bittersweet bit, I am a dark chocolate fan). But having chocolate in the title made more sense (I mean chocolate sells books, right? – everyone loves chocolate (now I am about to be flooded with mail from the Vanilla Fan Club)) since the thieves are stealing chocolate. Plus I’ve already been working with the idea of having melted chocolate on the cover and there are some other melty bits in the book, so Chocolate Meltdown just fit! Woot-woot!

Getting to a title is always exciting. It’s one of those events in a book’s life that helps it to become more real. Plus, after a while, it gets old referring to a book by a number simply because you lack the imagination or commitment to title it. So here I am with a toothy grin because I can start marketing Chocolate Meltdown. Next stop a Beta and a cover.


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