The Blog Is Back!

So to speak. Technically, it was always there, it was just a little ignored and I moved it. You might say that this is my re-dedication, I even updated my About Me page.

I haven’t done a post in nine months (Yes, Kevin, I’m a slacker). Interestingly, the time it takes to give birth. Perhaps I was pregnant with a new novel? Well, I do have a new novel coming out, which sounds like a good excuse. Yeah that’s it, I’m going with that! Actually, the new book, Chocolate Meltdown, is both part of the reason I haven’t posted and why I am posting. I did hit some real snags while writing it and sometimes when I am having trouble writing the current novel, it’s hard for me to find the motivation to write a blog. Why spend time blogging when I need to be spending time figuring out how to fix my book? I know, I know, I could’ve written about that, but I didn’t. I think I’ll do a post soon where I do talk about the snags.

Beyond hitting some snags writing, I also wanted to move my blog back to being hosted by and I thought that would be a royal pain, so of course I put that off! Now that I’m on the verge of the new book launch, I figured it was time to move the blog back and get to it again. First of all, my hat is off to WordPress for making the move easy. When I went to a self-hosted site, it was a pain spread out across three days. After the site was up, all of the internal links (where I referenced other posts I had made) were broken and I had to spend hours hunting those down and fixing them. I was not looking forward to repeating the process. Fortunately, I didn’t need to. I hit Export on the old site, downloaded an .xml file, hit Import on the new site to upload the file, and all of the content was sucked in in a couple of hours. All of the links are even working, as far as I can tell! That was a pretty awesome.

So you might be wondering why I moved it to begin with. Well, the simple answer is that I wanted to do more stuff than I could on WordPress. Mostly I wanted to sell signed copies of my book directly from the site and some coffee mugs, of course. Two and a half years ago, you couldn’t do that directly from a WordPress site. I don’t know if that has changed, but what I do know is that I never got around to creating a mechanism to sell signed books off of my blog. I’m sure if I want to do that I can figure out another way.

And that brings me to why I’ve moved back. As soon as I moved, I noticed a drop off in readership. I knew that would happen both because WordPress promotes its sites and I would no longer be in the Reader for subscribers who use that to follow blogs. I thought that I could make up for that lost visibility, but I didn’t manage to. Since visibility is key as an Indie Author it just became a no-brainer to move back. I am hoping that some of those old subscribers will find their way back now that I’m back on WordPress, we shall see. At any rate, I’m just happy that my blog is working and I’m posting again.



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