Goodreads Giveaway!!

Your Chance to Win a FREE Signed Book!


To celebrate (and of course to help promote) the release of the third novel in my Beowulf Chronicles series, I am giving away 30 signed copies. Yep, you read that right — crazy author to purchase, sign, and mail out 30 copies of his book and all you have to do is click enter to win!

The giveaway is already live and runs until July 23rd. As of the writing of this post, there are 207 people entered to win. If you’d rather just buy the book, well that’s cool too. But it’s not on sale until July 16th.

I do need to point out that you have to live in the US, UK, or Canada to be eligible for the Goodreads giveaway. I suppose if you live in a country other than those three and you want to win a signed copy … there might be another way: If you were to offer to take a picture of my novel in an interesting place, I could see my way clear to sending you one. But you have to be specific about where and drop it into a comment either here or on my FB page.


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