Yesterday was a reasonably productive day. I thought about writing about my half vacation or the first reviews for Chocolate Meltdown, but this morning I feel like noting what I did yesterday. I guess I’d like to set a tone for today.

Now that Chocolate Meltdown is coming out, I’ve been working on The Fugue (Beowulf Chronicles #4) and yesterday I had my first good word count of the week. Not amazing, just good. But after two days where the word count was somewhere between nonexistent and sub par, I felt pretty good about good. Part of the reason that it was good is that the story is starting to take shape and I got into the flow of it. What I mean by take shape is come to life. Okay, I realize that last sentence might not clarify things — it’s like this: I write from an outline, just my style, I find it easier to get from Point A to Point B if I know what those points are. That said, I don’t stick to the outline, I use it more as a guide than a set of handcuffs. For instance in one scene, Kurt and Papa were supposed to interview an informant, but as they were en route Papa began to argue against it. As I wrote the scene, I realized that fit his character, it wasn’t in the outline, but it stuck. Yesterday, I was working on the next chapter, which in essence stayed the same, but it did change how I approached it and somehow getting a little free of the outline in the previous chapter just made that one spring to life for me. I liked how the chapter came out. It was one of those “I get to make shit up and it’s fun” moments.

Around lunchtime, I took a break to go for a walk on the beach. I’ll post tomorrow or the next day on what I’m doing at the beach and the mistake I made. My intent in going for the walk was to begin working on the plot for book 5. But while I was out walking, I began to think about character motivations in The Fugue. Even thought I’ve got a pretty solid outline for the novel, there are still some ambiguities for me with regard to character motivation. But as I walked, I actually worked those out. Score one for me! And yes, I even managed to come up with the core idea for the book 5. My goal is to get an outline done for book 5 within the next week and now that I have an actual core idea that should be easy, or at least easier.

All in all, I feel pretty pleased with my day!


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