First Reviews Are In

And Chocolate Meltdown is hitting it out of the park! Five 5-Star reviews and one 4-Star review, so far.

Here are a few highlights from the first reviews:

An artful blend of humor, suspense, whodunit, and a twist you did not see coming at the end.

Kurt West, ex-Marine and official “tourist hunter,” has a case, a problem, a lot of omelet-gobbling, mocha-drinking lizards that may or may not be as much help as he hoped, and a deadline

Just Brilliant!

But feel free to read all of the reviews on Amazon.

Before releasing this book, I thought it might be smart to send out some advance copies and ask for some reviews ahead of time. Makes sense, right? How can people who have never heard of the Beowulf Chronicles decide they might like to read it based solely on a cover picture and a 150 word blurb. Of course I don’t know just yet if the strategy is working, since the book isn’t on sale, but it is fun to see all of the great reviews rolling in!

The book goes on sale in a week.


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