Goodreads Giveaways Away

There is the box of 30 freshly printed books for the people who won my latest giveaway.

30 Copies

And unfortunately, right there on my office floor is where they sat for six weeks. Yeesh!

My list of excuses include vacations, summer vacation itself (I don’t know about other single parents, but I find summer entirely disruptive to my schedule), some trips for work, and a remodeling project that took about eight times longer than I expected.

That said, I was determined to get them out this weekend (before I leave on my next trip). So this is how I spent my Friday night and Saturday afternoon.


The new dining room table, though intended for large dinner gatherings, proved to be really useful here. Unlike my previous small table, I was able to spread all of the work out instead of constantly switching tasks and stacking and unstacking things on the table. Also, the height (it’s counter height) made it really easy to assemble each of the packages. Who knew it would come in handy for this task?

Another interesting thing is that (this time) twelve of the thirty books went international. Nine to Great Britain and three to Canada. Shipping to Great Britain is really expensive (~$22.50 each), but I’ve picked up a number of fans there, so I’m happy to do it.

And here they are, ready to go. US  on the left, International on the right.


The US books should arrive about a week from yesterday and the International books will take about ten business days.

For you winners out there, I’m sorry for the delay and I hope you still enjoy the book!


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