Hi there, thanks for wanting to know a little more about me. I’ve noticed that as more people discover my blog , they click on the About page (imagine that!). So I decided to replace the initial three sentences I whipped off when I started my blog with a little more content.

The Boring Yet Necessary Stuff

  • Born November 8, 1971 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Grew up in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, England, Virginia (USA), & Pennsylvania (USA). But I usually call Virginia home because it’s simpler that way.
  • I feel like England is a second home because I lived there for 1st through 5th grade.
  • Went to Fauquier County High School in Warrenton, VA. Moderately positive experience.
  • Went to James Madison University for college. A very positive experience.
  • Went to University of South Carolina for a Masters I didn’t quite finish, also a very positive experience.
  • I’m divorced with a twelve year-old son, whom I love dearly.
  • I’m an oft-injured soccer player, former kids’ soccer coach, occasional triathlete, and Kravist.
  • I have a really good day job in high-tech.

Me, the Writer

I started my first novel when I was 11. The opening was, “Kurt was the three C’s, calm, cool, and collected” and it was about a detective. I didn’t finish it, but the dream of being a writer has stuck with me and I have tinkered, toiled, and daydreamed for the intervening 30 years. A few years ago, I woke up and realized that I was no longer a young guy with my whole life ahead of me and if I was going to make my writing dream come true, now was the time. So I picked up an idea that I had had some years back and began fleshing it out. That story became the Murder & Mochas.

Me, the Blogger

Sometime in 2012, I was reading Scalzi’s blog (because he is one of my favorite authors and I find him both amusing and insightful) and I began to think that social networking was a great way for an unknown writer like me to build an audience. Then I read Michael Hyatt’s book Platform and I really began to believe that I could build an audience using social media. As a side note, I should point out that I am not the first one to have this idea! Thus, on December 27th, 2012, I set up this blog and made my first post with the idea of building an Author’s Platform and chronicling my path to living my dream. I was shocked when several people read it that same day – I still have a lot to learn, but I am learning.

Favorite Posts

If you would like to explore a little deeper, here are some of my favorite posts:

Review of My Camp NaNo Experience
Now What?
The Bard Talks to Teenagers
When In Doubt, Peanut M&M’s

If You’d Like to Say Hello

Please do. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail: rhett@rhettbigler.com


7 responses to “About

  1. Thanks for dropping by and liking my blog. Good luck with your reading and writing goals. Mine was to board a ferry in our truck and fifth wheel. We are in our car…. ak!

  2. Hey I Know you! LOL Now I Know that Much More about you! Life is good eh……. Keep on Keepin on my friend.

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog and taking a moment to read and respond. that’s what it’s all about after all, why we write – interesting ‘about’ page you have, and i look forward to reading more – good luck w the book ) beth

  4. my pleasure, and i will )

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