Murder & Mochas

Murder & Mochas (Beowulf Chronicles Book 1)

Former Marine Kurt West is a bounty hunter who, when not chasing bail jumpers, tracks down aliens who stray outside the lines of the normally quiet–and supposedly alien-free–Chapel Hill.

When an alien diplomat is murdered on the street, Kurt is contracted to use his knowledge of the alien underground to track down the murderer. All the while, he is hunting a high-priority bail jumper. As Kurt struggles to work both cases, the clock is ticking. He must find the killer or Earth risks losing the protection that keeps a dangerous flood of aliens at bay. But can Kurt unravel the web of deceit and lies before the clock runs out?

FINAL DRAFT STATUS: Editing done through page 471 of 471. Working on some edits tucked away in e-mails.

6th Draft Status: Rereading Draft. Currently at 100%. 

Current Page Total: 471
Current Word Total: 96, 887
Previously 103,055 words and 487 pages.

6th Draft Edits To Be Completed By: Nov. 8th, 2013
COMPLETED: Nov. 17th, 2013!

Most Recent Status Updates:
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