Chocolate Meltdown

Chocolate Meltdown (Beowulf Chronicles Book 3)

Chocolate is disappearing from North Carolina’s Triangle Region. A series of audacious thefts have systematically cleared out all of the local manufacturers. Has to be the lizards. But would they be so brazen and could they be so systematic? Through the investigation, Kurt West finds an array of odd clues, not particularly unusual for an ET crime, but difficult to fit together. As he gets closer to discovering the identity of the thieves, the investigation becomes increasingly dangerous. But is chocolate really worth killing over? Apparently with the price it commands Offworld, it is. Will Kurt be able to find the culprits before anyone else gets killed and will he find them before they hop a transport crate and disappear across the galaxy …

Final Draft

Minor Edits Remaining: 0
Word Total: 

1st Draft

Goal: 80,000 words
Current Total: 76,380  100%
Words to Go: 0

Most Recent Status Updates:

Beta Finished, Readers Wanted
Chocolate Meltdown
Good News, Bad News, Old News
BC3’s First Draft Is Complete
11,000 Words
10,000 Words 


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