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Check Out This Review

I was going to write about the title for BC3 (the third book in my Beowulf Chronicles series), but I happened to pop onto Goodreads today and discover the latest 5 star review for Mercury & Murder . This one is from Greg, another winner from my Goodreads Giveaway. Here is what he had to say:

Firstreads Winner. Loved this book. It was a fast ride though a wonderful cross of worlds. I want this to be a TV series where the bounty hunters are followed in their endeavors to wrestle with alien outlaws. This was such a rich world the author created full of gritty characters and humor. The dialogue is witty, unreverent, and quick. This is a great book with all the fun of an amusement park.

Mercury & Murder

(Couldn’t find a non-copyrighted picture of an amusement park that I liked, so I just used my book cover.)

What can I say, he nailed it! People who know me would definitely say that a ride through my world is a ride through a witty irreverent amusement park.

I am thinking about a direct to NetFlix series. I see a lot of room for this to be a great TV show with the type of production quality you can get from NetFlix. And who doesn’t love binge-watching a season!? There are other options, but that one appeals to me for a number of reasons.

If you would like to read his review yourself or see what else is on Goodreads, you can find it here.

Thank you for the great review Greg, it made my day. I hope you check out Murder & Mochas and enjoy it equally as much.

Guess I’ll write about the title for BC3 this weekend — Stay Tuned.


5 Star Review for Mercury & Murder

Mercury & Murder has gotten its first review from my Goodreads Giveaway. And I am totally stoked that Bernie gave the book 5 Stars! Here is what he had to say:

A lot is happening in the small college town of Chapel-Hill. Halloween and alien tourists is an explosive combination. Throw in a mass murderer and things are bound to happen. Kurt West thinks he is on top of it but he needs a lot of help along the way. There are enough twists and turns to keep anyone’s attention. This book will appeals to science fiction and murder mystery enthusiasts. I have not read the fist book but after reading this book I intend to get it. I also look forward to the next book in the series.

Mercury & Murder

Thanks for the good review Bernie. I hope you pick Murder & Mochas up and enjoy it!

If you would like to read the review yourself or check out Goodreads, you can find the review here.

Unboxing with the Cover Aritst

I got to unbox the books for my Goodreads Giveaway with my cover artist. Check it out!

First Copy of Mercury & Murder

I present to you the very first printed copy of Mercury & Murder!

Mercury & Murder is On Sale!

As I said in my last post, I uploaded it this past weekend and all versions are now available. You can get both the ebook and paper book at Amazon or the paper book at CreateSpace.

And as an added bonus, I even helped my mother purchase the very first copy of the book and helped her to learn how to buy a book with the kindle I bought her!

My work here is done!

6 Days to Go!

At this point, I’ve ended the fantasy of finishing early. Now I’m aiming for on-time. The crazy thing is, I think I’ll make it.

I’ve been up and down with the productivity. I’ve been working every day, but some days the work goes faster than others. Overall, I’ve been pleased with how tight the book is as I’ve been rereading it. For the most part, I’m just doing little tweaks with regard to word choice and punctuation. But I have found a few snafus. I must admit to the occasional gasp as I’ve stumbled on them, I mean the book is nearly done, should I really still be finding these?? But that is one of the reasons why I am doing this final read.

One of the snafus was actually a result of my last round of major edits in which I added a nice little twist. As I was rereading, I discovered an action that a character took was no longer congruent with the new twist. It was a relatively simple, but very important fix. I’m glad that I caught it. I would tell you what it was, but that would be a spoiler.

So as I pack it in for the night, I stand at 72% for the final read through. I’ll stay up late a few nights this week in order to continue to move the needle, but I fully expect to need Fri night/Sat morning to finish the read, add the dedication etc., finish packaging it up, and release it. I’ve got a busy week in store, but all in all, I’m in good shape.

Goodreads Giveaway!!

My Giveaway for Mercury & Murder is live on Goodreads!

For the next 30 days you can hit the “Enter to Win” button and  you’re in. How easy is that? You can enter until 11:59 pm ET, April 3rd. Then Goodreads randomly selects 30 people to receive a signed copy of Mercury & Murder, the second novel in my Beowulf Chronicles series. You can enter here.

Here’s the most exciting part for me — the giveaway went live at midnight last night and I already have 116 people entered!! So join them and maybe in 30 days, you can look like this:

Murder & Mochas, Goodreads, Leicester City

That’s Tim holding a copy of Murder & Mochas, which he won in my last giveaway. In a month I’ll be signing 30 copies of my new novel, you might be one of the winners, and I hope you’ll be smiling just as big!